Friday, September 19, 2014

Hats off to you

I have been oogling Oliver & S patterns since the moment I discovered them.  There are so many cute patterns, It was hard deciding where to start.  But I think the combination of my little guy outgrowing his sunhats and our upcoming vacation finally got me motivated to sew up the Reversible Bucket Hat pattern (which is a free pattern, SCORE!).

This is my first hat pattern and I was surprised at how easy it was to put together.  I love the rows of stitching on the rim.  The instructions were easy to follow and the end result is cute and professional.

For my daughter's hat, I picked up a sweet blue and pink floral and large dot quilting cotton from Joann's.  The interfacing gives just enough stiffness to the rim to fold it up.  I think the rim would be interesting to mix up in future versions.  Maybe a wider rim, fold up the rim and pin with a flower or even add a little mini pom pom trim to the edge.  Lots of options.

For my son's hat, I also used quilting cotton, a yellow and green plaid with oversized green dots on the reverse.  Since he is only one years old, I wanted to add some ties to the side to help prevent him from taking it off.  When sewing the bucket piece to the rim, I left a half inch space on each side that would allow me to pull the ties to the reverse side.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten

My sweet little girl started kindergarten last week!  There were no tears for either of us, I think we were both ready to start this adventure.  But I have to admit, the afternoons seem a little long and lonely without her.  I find myself checking the clock for when it's getting close to pick up time.  But hopefully I'll be able to make use of this free time to get some more sewing and blogging done.  With her in kindergarten and my little guy in preschool, I have exactly 2.5 hours 3 days a week all to myself!!!   WooHoo!

To get the school year started off right, I made a new first day of school dress.  I love the Geranium Dress pattern, but oddly enough, I have only made two, one for her and one as a gift.  So I figured it was time for a new one.  We found this dress in my upcycle pile and she
asked me to use it because it was blue and reminded her of Elsa from Frozen.  Yes, we are all Elsa all the time.

Since I was upcycling, I didn't have quite enough fabric to make the cap sleeve version so we decided on the flutter sleeves.  I got all the pattern pieces cut out and was ready to start sewing when I realized I forgot to cut the interfacing.  I grabbed one of my pattern pieces to measure the length and cut, only to find that I accidentally cut the front bodice piece almost in half.  Err!!!  Did I mention this was an upcycle and I had JUST enough fabric to make the dress?

So I had to get a little creative.  After a little perusing some of my favorite blogs, I decided to add a gathered front placket to hide the mistake.  Not exactly what I was envisioning, but I think it turned out pretty cute and my daughter LOVES it.  So far, we've had 6 days of school and she has worn it twice.  I had to hide it this morning so she wouldn't pick it a third time.

Off she goes into the world!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Jammies

It's been awhile since I posted, and I have lots of projects to get up on the blog.  To start us off, there is nothing like a KCW challenge to get me motivated.  Unfortunately this season's challenge coincides with our vacation, so I won't be posting I ever do.  But I did get a slight head start, since I knew I wouldn't be sewing most of the week.

Since the sun and warm weather had mostly decided to stick around now, it was time to pull out all of the kids summer pajamas.  We found a ridiculous number of hand-me-downs for my son, but A only had 3 pairs!  And one of them was a, she's 5 now.  Yikes.

So we headed to the store and found some cute bugs and flowers rib knit and I set out to make my first pair of pajamas.  A wanted comfy cozy jammies so we decided on a tank top and shorts.  I kept it pretty simple, only adding bright pink ribbing on the neck and armholes.  But I did pull out my fancy new double needle to top stitch around the neck opening.  I love the way it turned out!!

The tank top is a free pattern by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and is awesome.  I sewed up a size 5 for my girl and it was spot on.  I will definitely use it again to make some summery tanks like Zaaberry did here.  The shorts are by MADE.  I love her blog and her style.  I sized down to a 4 in this pattern, but only because my fabric was super stretchy.  I also extended the length to the long boy shorts.  A keeps calling them her basketball outfit.  Hmm.  Tonight she said "I guess Elsa has basketball practice again tonight".  Yes, she is all Elsa all the time.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lulu Top and Dress Tester

This last week I was lucky to test a pattern for Jess at Craftiness is not Optional.  This was my second time testing for her (first one here), and I am in constant awe of her ability to create so many adorable and versatile patterns.  The newest pattern, the Lulu Top and Dress is no exception, with two lengths and variations like cap sleeves, pockets, a bow and a faux placket.   It's a great pattern to mix and match prints, because like she says "a girl's gotta have options".

I often check out her blog for inspiration, her photos are serious eye candy.  Today she posted pics of all the testers, and seriously I want to copy like half of them.  So cute!  The strawberry/chambray and solid red knit oh my!

I've only worked on a couple of knit projects before, so there was bit of a learning curve for me, but that being said, knit newbies should not be afraid!  Throughout the pattern, Jess has included lots of helpful hints about sewing with knits and an awesome graphic to determine fabric stretch.

I chose to make the Lulu top with faux placket.  The pink knit is upcycled from a tank top and the floral is a sweet vintage pillowcase I picked up awhile ago.  That's one of the other things I liked about this pattern, you can mix knit and wovens...again so many options!

I struggled most with the knit binding pieces on the neckline and sleeves.  First I naively thought I could use my woven fabric here.  Which was totally cute, but I couldn't exactly get it over her head.  Oops, rookie mistake.  Fortunately I was able to salvage the bias tape and made this ruffled faux placket instead.  Which I think turned out much cuter, yay for happy accidents.

By the way, after taking these photos, I remembered that when my daughter was born we took photos by this same lilac tree.  Since her birthday is this next week, it seemed a fitting time to see her then and now (5 years later).


Sniff sniff, they grow up so fast.